Wednesday, January 27, 2010


this picture is from last fall. this is a lan party picture 3 months passed whitout any work on and then BAM had to finis it, so last touch ups i did just few days ago. original drawing i made years ago. but this pic has always been in my mind and sheering me up whit it's sheerfull mood :)

pictures name is: To fast, To furious. ( lame isn't it :D )

This is another xmass themed pic. this was this past xmasscard. I printed few of them out and sended on my friends and relatives. it was real fun doing it !!! Later on I will post wip's and few studies of it and some short notes how i made this piece.

this is the original pencil drawing of the pic. originally I drew this on june of 2009 so it was quite wierd drawing a santa in summer... actually i dreamed of santa and all kind of funky shit happened in few days so this was the out come.

last years xmass inspired drawing. little last touchups tone and such... as always