Friday, September 25, 2009

Since this is my first entry I think i should write some really cryptik buuut... I think I just tell some cryptik story about myself :D

So where it all starts. where did i get the spark or was there a spark at all... i'm not sure but this is how it went. I've been drawing something like "always". when i was a kid i used to draw a lot like when i was 6 to 8 i was drawing NHL team logos :D and about 8 to 10 i was nuts about starwars and stuff like that and also donald duck... i know not a big name in usa right ? but i live in finland and here it was and still is huge ! then there was big brake didn't draw much... here and there few times... nothing big not really practicing or anything. it's really nice to think back those times subjects i drew and how i drew 'em those were good times ! that time i had no idea i could work hard to get a job out of it. now i do know and so, i practice !!!

I'd say i started my real practice at age of 17 to 18 lots of anime DBZ and other stuff. About a year fromt that i got in to graphic designing school. it' was really boring coz it wasn't drawing at all. just cut and paste objects to fit to text. after a year i quit the schools coz it wasn't meant for me. then when i was 20 i got lot's of broblems going on in my life and i had to solve them to continue. so again a brake, about 2 years or so i just drawed here and there when i had "the" mood or i was bored... no goals or anything. it's really hard to live without goals so i had to do something about it. I desided to continue the one thing that i had always loved ...drawing.

i haven't got any art education or stuff like that it's always been self teaching and reading and watching as other does it. It's just hard work sweating blood and practicing woodoo and stuff like that :) i personally think it's becouse of the voodoo !!!

Sooo... now i will practice really hard to get myself in to that goal of mine !
and this blog will be the document of my journey so enjoy.

These are few pieces i had done in past years